Looking To The Past Living In The Present

Dancing at the powwows is one of the most important parts of the event. It is a time for addressing the spiritual needs of the dancers, displaying the regalia that is most significant to them and for pure enjoyment in participating in their culture.

Painting one’s face had great cultural significance and has deep meaning depending on which aspect of the culture the wearer wants to honor or display. It ranged from the simplest single stripe to several different colors each representing a different meaning and is one of the most important ways of stating their individuality.

This image of Raul Figueroa was made at the New Beginnings powwow held in Denver, Colorado in early May 2016. It is part of an ongoing project titled “Modern Portraits of North American Indians”, and is a celebration of the continuance of the Native American culture as it is being presented at this time in our society.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits

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Portraits are about people. About emotion, attitude, about the way they’re feeling. What you see first of course is how they look, which after you study a portrait for awhile becomes the least important part of the process. What is important is whether the portrait engages you. Whether it makes you stop and look at it and perhaps feel a bond take place with the subject. It creates a connection that is difficult to put into words but is real just the same. Hopefully that will happen for you as view these portraits of members of the Crow tribe. They are a striking people.

There will be very few words used to describe the images. You know what you’re seeing and you know how it affects you. This is a moment where you get to quietly meet a wonderful group of people. These are people of the Crow Nation.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7783

A mother and child finding a quiet moment together.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7715

There is strength here

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits1482

Thinking things through

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7822

These eyes have seen much

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7710

Straight forward gaze and an unflinching look at the world

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7907

Calm and at peace, secure in who he is

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7753

All thoughts turn inward as her turn to dance approaches

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7852

Seeing into the future, or the past

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits1813

Enjoying the spectacle while resting. A quiet smile for the photographer.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits2695

A young man watching intently. Age isn’t a factor in the desire to do well.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits2922

Everyone seems to exhibit extraordinary self-control in the midst of all the activity.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7702

Occasionally one takes time out for adjustments, both inside and outside

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits1809

Determination and focus is paramount

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits1569

Everything is watched closely.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits1120

Color is everywhere and poise shows it off

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7731

Tired but paying close attention

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7991

A lovely woman, a lovely smile

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7755

Intensity is always there

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7969

A moment of rest

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits2809

This is who he is at the moment

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits7998

I am a member of this tribe, I belong.

Crow Fair 2015 Portraits1693

Can you be in the past and present at the same time…sometimes