EnchantedPixels The Website


When you’re done here why don’t you head on over to my website and spend a couple of days. It may take you that long to see everything.

This site, EnchantedPixels.com is the beginning of it all. It was created by me the author using state of the art tools at the time. It was a heady experience, we could write in code, it often didn’t work, but we felt marvelous doing it. You could put up ten zillion pictures and people would ask for more. At the time the only way you could power a website was using Diesel. So what you have here is a time capsule, a diesel-powered throwback to the days of yesteryear when real men fearless threw themselves into the digital fray, scattering ones and zeros willy-nilly and produced websites of incredible size and weight. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of amazing photos all taken with digital cameras, reproduced in ways that we shudder to think about today but none the less show well on a monitor.  There are wildlife photos, landscape photos, travel to foreign places when they still liked us, the Southwest, you name it, it’s probably in there somewhere. See them all.

Sadly this dinosaur of a website is slated to be torn down soon, to be replaced with one of those slick, shiny new websites that all the rich kids have, and will be no more. You owe it to yourself to go and see it. It’s kind of like going to Graceland.


see you there