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This is me above, Dwight Lutsey the good one, not the evil twin brother

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It seems like I have been taking pictures since the invention of dirt. Not this new modern dirt you see lying around sub-divisions and EPA clean up sites but the really old stuff, like the kind you find at the bottom of Long Draw canyon near Dead Horse Point or blowing across the road near Monument Valley. Real dirt.

As a youngster when I was learning long division with roman numerals I was given a camera, a Splendid Camera, a Camera for the Gods, by my doting but loving father. It was a Mercury 35mm fixed lens ( a Universal f 2.7 TRICOR for you techies) with tiny little f-stop numbers etched on the lens barrel that had magical properties, few of which I fully understood at the time, but magical none the less. It had a knob you could turn to change how fast you took the picture, and lots more stuff I wouldn’t need until after I turned 10. It did not have a built-in light meter but I had something way better. I had a Dad with a Gossen light meter on a string he wore around his neck and all I had to do was call out in my most imperious manner, “I need a reading over here” and he would come over and say f11 at 1/60th or something like it. Eisenstaedt never had it so good. Of course every image I shot was a black & white masterpiece, a talent I firmly believe I still possess today. I have added color since then, because there is so much of it around nowadays, but I still think the incredible raw talent is there in my work even if the image is blurry, and my finger can be seen occasionally in the lower left hand corner. Talent is Talent and Art is Art, as we shall see as this blog progresses.

The rest of the stuff about me isn’t nearly as interesting. I’ve lived several dozen lives, done lots of stuff, been successfully and unsuccessfully married, been in a real life bar fight that turned out a draw, and done as many things as a man can legally do and still live to tell about it. I have tried to appear to be much more intelligent than I really am, with only limited success unfortunately, and I have been lucky enough to have friends and loved ones in my life that have made it all worthwhile. There are some things I regret, more I don’t and I enjoy the fact that I don’t have a clue as to what’s coming next. Oh yeah, and I really, really miss my dog Bill. I taught him how to ride in a truck and he taught me that there is unconditional love.

After putting my time in as a working member of society I resurrected my life long passion in taking pictures. I do it now all the time, constantly actually, and I love to talk to people about it, not just the mechanics, although I can bring you nearly to tears with a droning lecture on the technical details, but the pure and simple joy of images themselves. What makes them good or bad, what makes someone stop in their tracks and say “look at that, will ya” and why we like some pictures that everyone else absolutely hates and the vice versa thing. So this blog is going to be about that kind of stuff. How pictures affect us, and why we love to look at them. There will occasionally be technical stuff, though not that much because I don’t know that much, but more about the why and where and when. You won’t find many pictures about people here, mostly wildlife  and nature and scenery instead and every so often something off beat just to stir things up some. If you see something that brings out the phrase “What the hell?” in you, drop me an email. There’s a link here somewhere on the page. If not I hope you’ll just enjoy the pictures for their own sake.

I have a shameless and guilt free plug coming up (Capitalistic Spoiler alert ahead) and it is that if you enjoy this blog and even if you don’t, you should know that you can have for your very own enjoyment, a copy of my book “A Photographer’s Journey Through Yellowstone” available from fine Bookstores everywhere ( or with much more certainty from my website, www.EnchantedPIxels.com) for the measly sum of its purchase price. I’m going to try to keep that kind of stuff out of the blog as much as I can, but being human, I may occasionally fail. Just remember I’d give you a second chance.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’m Dwight Lutsey. See you soon.

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