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New Blog!

OpenChutes is a brand new blog concentrating on Indian Powwows, Mountain Men, Rendezvous, Rodeos, Cowboys, and anything else pertaining to the West. For the last several years we have been following the powwow trail, attending as many of these spectacular gatherings as we could fit into the summer. We have met folks from nearly every tribe in the western part of the United States. We have spent time at the various Rendezvous photographing the Mountain men celebrating their lifestyle. We have been at every Rodeo we can fit into our schedule. We have tried to produce a comprehensive look at the different western events that are taking place through out mountains and western territory and bring them to you. And we’re just getting started.

Previously we have posted everything pertaining to the western events in this blog, BigShotsNow – the blog. However in the future and the future is now, all posts that have anything to do with the western events mentioned will be posted in the new blog We will still leave the original postings to date here but will not be adding anymore of them to BigShotsNow. They have been transferred to the new so those original posts will live in two places for now. We encourage anyone interested in Western Events to go to OpenChutes and view the treasure trove of images and stories there.

If you’re a fan of Native American Powwows, or the Rendezvous, Rodeos or whatever else takes place out here come visit  See you there