Crow Fair 2015 Parade

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The main parade at the Crow Fair is one event everybody looks forward to. It ‘s a chance to see the Fair participants in full regalia riding their horses or on a float presenting their best efforts for the fair judges and the parade viewers as well. It’s a fun event for everybody. The participants get to wave to fiends and family in the crowd. The viewers get to see an amazing sight and everybody’s happy. This has got to be a favorite time for everyone.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8013

As in every event they hold the colors are presented.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8040

Usually the parade has categories but occasionally things get changed u a little and you get a different look. Today there were a lot of individuals parading in and out of category groups.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8044

There’s always Royalty in a parade and there is a lot of royalty at the Crow Fair.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8065

An experienced rider in the men’s War Bonnet category.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8050

Some times the parade is so good you just have to smile

CrowFair 2015 Parade8086

Lodge poles, a good horse, a hat to keep the sun off your face and it’s a great parade

CrowFair 2015 Parade8110

An elder responding to friend in the crowd. Everyone is good-natured and has fun calling back and forth.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8088

A segment of the Reservation Hat category passes in review.


CrowFair 2015 Parade8121

The Crow are very partial to their horses and any cane to show off good stock is taken advantage of.


CrowFair 2015 Parade8221

Young women get a chance to show off their finery.


CrowFair 2015 Parade8200

A young warrior rides a painted horse. The symbols and colors are all important.


CrowFair 2015 Parade8233

A young woman wearing an Elk Tooth dress shades her eyes with her fan. It was 107° the day this parade was held.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8229

And the sun was bright and hot but that didn’t keep the parade from going on.


CrowFair 2015 Parade8242

All ages participate


CrowFair 2015 Parade8269

Eve down to the youngest. If they can hang on they can be in the parade

CrowFair 2015 Parade8352

That counts for the horses too.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8359

These young braves are on their way to being fierce warriors, they just need a little more time.


CrowFair 2015 Parade8415

Letting out a huge cry and catching up is all part of the parade

CrowFair 2015 Parade8411

The real stars of the parade are the elders, both men and women. Within them lies the knowledge and experience that needs to be passed down to the younger members of the tribe. They are the reservoirs of heritage and pride and it shows on each and every face.

CrowFair 2015 Parade8406

As the parade winds down ad passes by there is a final wave and it’s over for the day. A parade like this is a monumental task to put on. In the next post we’ll visit the staging area where all the magic happens. Stay tuned.