Denver March Powwow

Quick shot taken with my iPhone. Yes real photographers use their phones once in a while

Short Post today. I’m shooting the famous Denver March Powwow this weekend and as always it is fantastic. This is the Grand Entry from Friday night and as you can see not only was it well attended but everyone was dressed to the nines and it was incredible. If you get a chance go to the Denver Coliseum and take in this amazing spectacle. More later.

Crow Fair 2015 Grand Entry

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The Grand Entry at Crow Fair is the beginning of all the festivities that take place in the Arbor. The Dance contests, ceremonies, the general get together when everyone dances for the sheer enjoyment of it. It is the center of all the social activities. It always begins with the color guard presenting the flags.


A dancer performs a special dance to complete the flag presentation.


Then the procession begins with the Royalty entering the circle. These are all the Princesses that have been selected by the various tribes participating to represent them.


The men follow.


The elder warriors leading the men into the circle.


Followed by the women dancing their way around the arbor


There are  many different emotions displayed by the participants. This is a very special time for all.


They continue dancing, gradually completing the circle.


Everyone who can, participates.


Each category of dancers enters in their turn.


The men’s group puts maximum effort forth as they enter.


Each dancer showing his own style as they enter.


Women take their place in the circle.


Young mothers with their children dance and bring their young ones into the circle as soon as they can carry them into the arbor.


An elder warrior pensively completes another round as everyone that can fit enters the arbor.


Younger warriors enter in their turn


As the circle tightens and fills towards completion the dancers begin to pick up the pace.


There is movement and color everywhere one looks.


The drummers are tireless. The beat, the songs, the energy, keep everyone focused and the dancers are totally dependent on them. The ceremonies couldn’t take place without them. They are the heroes in the background, usually unseen but always heard.


The circle is complete. All the participants are inside the arbor, the circle has tightened to make room for everyone and the Grand Entry is complete. Soon the dancing will start and continue until the fair is over.

Over the next few days we e will bring you the Dancing, the Parade, Portraits, the Rodeo, and the Closing ceremonies. Stay  tuned.