Half Yellow Face

Half Yellow Face  (or Ischu Shi Dish in the Crow language), (1830? to 1879?) was a distinguished Crow Warrior who is probably best known for his role as one of the six Crow scouts serving with General George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry during the Battle of The Little Bighorn. He was attached to Major Reno’s force and thus survived the battle. Due to an earlier death than the other five remaining scouts, White Swan, White Man Runs Him, Hairy Moccasin, Goes Ahead, and Curly, he is the least known member of the Scouts even though he was a “pipe-carrier” and believed to be the leader of the scouts due to his prestige, experience, and age. He led a fascinating life and if you consult Wikipedia and search for Half Yellow Face you will find an extensive history and links to other sources of information describing him and his life.

The photographic image above is of a modern Crow warrior wearing the regalia of Half Yellow Face at the gathering of the Crow tribe called Crow Fair. It has been enhanced to show the power, mystery and honor that is still attributed to this hero of the Crow tribe to this day.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys Whatcha Gonna Do



The Stallions at McCullough peaks in Wyoming are shown here in a rare moment of peacefulness but don’t let that fool you. Before you can say “Glue Factory” they’ll be back at each others throats again. Teeth gnashing, hooves striking, kicking, every dirty trick in the “Young Horses guide to Street Fighting” will be put to use.

If you look at the white spots on the side of Frazier there on the left and also on the legs of Tyson in the middle and of course Mr. Ali on the right who had the least number of scars visible but that’s because he is pretty and kept backing into the ropes and covering up. Those aren’t beauty marks. Those are bite marks. Bite marks that took out hair and hide and became permanent reminders that these bad boys play rough.

Why these guys are standing there not biting each other is a mystery. Especially Tyson, he’s really good at biting. The only answer could be that they were posing for the new Fight Club poster that will be put up at watering holes throughout the area.

This small break in the tension is so welcome by the herd, three mares had foals out of sheer surprise. This is a special event and every single member of the herd is taking full  advantage of the lull in the fighting. If you look in the background you can see horses standing quietly, reading, having a smoke, some even lying down. They know to take advantage of these times as they are very rare and short-lived.

When they were young foals or just out of foalburty they were known as Curly, Moe, and Larry. Then their true natures began to show and now they’re Frazier, Tyson and Mr. Ali or most commonly by everyone else in the herd, as simply the Bad Boys. Check them out, what with Spring coming on you probably won’t get the chance to see them this quiet again for a very long time.