Coming Soon To A Season Near You

Coming Soon to a season near you! That’s right! It’s the color green! Always a crowd pleaser, green is the most asked for color in Spring, that busy little season that pokes its head out behind Winters gray, wind-stained skirts and says “Hey! whatchew doin’ ? How ’bout a little green?”

It’s been months now of cold blustery weather, grey skies, and bitter cold, and according to a┬árandom sample from over three of our neighbors, everyone is pretty darn tired of it. “Where’s the green?” is heard in sometimes strident voices. “Where’s the warm weather? I gotta fish!” is another. “When can we go out in skimpy clothing?” is one we hear from the college set. That doesn’t have much to do with green but we heard it said anyway, so we’re going to repeat it in the hopes that it happens sometime soon.

Since there has been interest in the color green mentioned we went back through our files and found this particular shade of green. Well several shades in fact, and decided to put it up today for your enjoyment and gratification. No need to thank us, this is a public service we provide for our viewing public at absolutely no charge to you. Yes, I know, It IS┬ákind hearted but then look who you’re dealing with here. Nothing is too good for our readers. So enjoy and seeya soon.

When I Was A Young Bird



When I was a young bird I did many reckless things

I left the nest too early to see where the songbirds sing

I was not used to freedom or my untested wings

I thought that I was ready for whatever life would bring

I made it through the winter and many following springs

I learned to hunt and fight and love and survive most every thing

I found the winds of chance blew cold and bitter cold did sting

Yet through it all I stayed the same unable to change a thing

Older now and more unwise I look back and I reflect

And wonder why as a young bird I did so many reckless things