Heading Sideways

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If you’re a migratory bird and you’re in-between migrations what do you do. If you just sit around on the lake and eat goose bon-bons all day you’re just going to get so fat you won’t be able to haul your big butt out of the water. If you don’t flap your wings about a thousand times a day how are you going to be in shape to make it to Argentina or L.A. or where ever you’re supposed to go. These are some serious questions you need to be asking yourself before everybody else is leaving and you’re left behind honking in the bullrushes all by yourself.

These Canada geese are pretty fortunate to be summering in one of the most healthy, disgustingly fit places in the Nation. We got joggers, cyclists, runners, high-speed goofy looking walkers, canoeists, rafters, pool players, orthodontists, horseback riders, marathon doers, people who cheer other people doing stuff, and speed-readers. You can’t swing a Do-Do bird around here with out smacking somebody doing something healthy and fit making. With all that do goodyness happening it’s bound to rub off on everything and everybody and these geese are no exception.

Everyday about the crack of ten they’re up and flying laps around the lake. They put on about 60 miles then nip down to one of our healthy but expensive restaurants and have a nice big plate of eggs. Wait, not eggs, I wrote that before I thought about it, A nice big plate of greens, that’s what I meant. Healthy greens, fresh from Whole Greens, our local high-end greens provider. It’s where all the trendy geese shop and freshness is guaranteed. Then its back to the lake and another 60 miles.

Today there was only this pair making the circuit. Its unknown where the others were. Normally this place looks like an airborne roller derby so something must be happening. Maybe there’s a sale someplace. I saw one of the big boxes had a sale on GPS stuff which could come in handy for the fall trip. Little chic looking unit you can wear around your neck, numbers light up so you can see them in the dark. The rest better get back to it here pretty quick, it’s already August and fall is just around the corner. They don’t want to miss the ‘Day of The Goose’ festival down there in South America.